Giirls – FAR LIFE

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New album ”FAR LIFE” from Paris, France band Giirls. The album was released on November 23rd and is available for digital download on their bandcamp page.

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GERMAN ARMY – Kalash Tirich Mir

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New album ”Kalash Tirich Mir” from German Army. The album was released on November 25th and is available on vinyl and digital download on Yerevan Tapes bandcamp page.

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Tönen – Drehmaschine

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New album ”Drehmaschine” from Portland, Oregon band Tönen. The album was released on November 26th and is available for digital download on their bandcamp page.

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Rrose – Vanishing Pools

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I’ll admit it, electronic music has always been alluring to me and I tend to prefer music with some sort of electronic component that isn’t classified in the traditional sense as an “instrument.” In other words, synthesizers. While I won’t go out and endorse electronic music in it’s most presented format, I’ll happily conform to the darker aesthetics in the form of techno, experimental, or other abstract quantities that tend to make the music feel like death is nye or as if you’re traversing a universal rift into another planar existence.

Yes, yes, I love electronic music. What would krautrock or drone/darkwave/experimental/whatever-fucking-genre be without the qualities brought forth by the various electronic instruments and soundscapes abiding one’s looking glass into a more abstract portrait, either subtly or profoundly? Have I rambled enough? Do I need to prove why we’ll also start posting electronic music? No, not really. Because at the end of the day we hope you’re here to listen to great music. While we fit a certain “niche” in the terms of rock music, we hope to fit that same mold when we post electronic music.

So let’s look forward now and talk about the new release from Rrose, the moniker coming from Marcel Duchamp’s pseudonym and alter-ego called Rrose Sélavy. Much like Rrose Sélavy, new-Rrose dresses in drag and for the most part is an unknown entity sent to earth to send waves of techno-tonic destruction to ones senses. Maybe it’s Duchamp re-incarnated and wanting to bring back with him the mysteries and nuances of 5th world dimensions because this album is dark. Going back to what I said, this is not for kiddies wanting to hustle and bustle beach volleyballs while singing kumbaya.

The album, Vanishing Pools, is available digitally by visiting Rrose’s record label and web front titled Eaux. You can also pick up the LP (on white vinyl) from Hardwax, Boomkat, Bleep, Juno, and other online merchants.

Favorite track: “Purge.” One might get a sense that whatever perception of reality one has slowly gets pixelated away to the sound of the wood blocks. The subtle beat follows into the march of death herself and reality is slowly purged of it’s normal entities and transversed into a apocalyptic scene from the nine gates of hell. The tension that amounts when the drone-y ambulance-esque synths hit and the uncertainty that gets reinforced when wizardry of the melody hits the air is profoundly seductive.

Rrose: Official Page / Record Label / Discogs / Facebook (fan page) / Twitter 

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John Chantler – Still Light, Outside

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New album, Still Light, Outside, from Stockholm, Sweden musician John Chantler. The album is available in Digital/CD/LP format by visiting John Chantler’s bandcamp page. This marks the first release off his newest label 1703 Skivbolaget.

John Chantler: Official PageBandcamp / Soundcloud / Twitter

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Voodooland – EP

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Some gnarly-fun garage rock music from Belgium band Voodooland. The 4 short yet sweet tracks are included in their latest EP out in cassette/DL format via Six Tonnes De Chair Records bandcamp page. Pick up the EP and let your head go limp while blasting these tracks.

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New album ”EEYEEKALDUK” from Los Angeles, California band Ahkiyyini. The album was released on May 20th and is available for digital download on their bandcamp page.

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